First established in 1947, Chelton defined the avionics industry with a number of world firsts

From novel static discharger designs, radio silent tuneable antennas through to the first airborne LTE mission critical public safety radio. For over 75 years, Chelton has continued its founding principles, to overcome immensely complex communication challenges and deliver failsafe, pioneering technology to some of the world’s most formidable militaries and public safety agencies. 

Chelton are a powerhouse in the aerospace and defence industry.

With a portfolio spanning antennas, avionics and land, we’ve been securing success in demanding environments since 1947.

  • Smart Thinking

    Chelton defined the industry with a number of world firsts. From novel static discharger designs, radio silent tuneable antennas through to the first airborne LTE mission critical public safety radio.

  • Technological Excellence

    High MTBF rates thanks to major processes such as Zero Defect Plan. Automated Inspection, Digital Twinning, 3D Model Base Work Instructions and Six Sigma

  • Future Vision

    Our top-level talent combines ground breaking technical capabilities with a matched drive and persistence to offer our customers a competitive edge with new technology.

A rich history

Chelton Full Timeline 2022 White

Chelton achieves milestone in the aerospace and defence industry only a select few get to accomplish.

75 Years Logo Navy

Throughout our early history, our founding principles and leadership established a strong footing that continues to be prevalent today; such as a keen eye for niche markets, innovation at the highest level and a special appreciation to engineering and development.

The continued support of our employees, customers, partners and friends is a testament to Chelton’s legacy, our vision and what we will achieve in the future.

In days gone by, Chelton wanted to make a name for itself as ‘The Antenna Company of the 21st Century’ but the truth is that we’ve surpassed our own expectations. With a portfolio spanning across Antennas, Avionics and Land systems, our products and solutions have been deployed and are recognised globally. This, along with our ground-breaking technical capabilities and dedication to our customers has led us to where we are and our goal for the future; securing success in the most demanding environments.

Message from the President

Meet the Team

Jason Abbott

Jason Abbott


Jason joined Chelton in 2021 to lead the company on its journey under new ownership. Having working internationally across the US, Europe, Middle East and the Asia, Jason has more than 20 years’ experience in directing Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing teams. He studied as Brunel University London in which he achieved an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Neil Tomlinson

Neil Tomlinson

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

After a successful career as Regional and International Sales Director with Cobham, Neil now leads Chelton’s Business Development area as Vice President for Sales and Marketing responsible for a team across the world. Neil has a BEng honours in Computer Aided Manufacture Engineering and a Masters in Project Management, both from The University of Salford.

Dyf Morgan

Dyf Morgan

Vice President of Engineering

Dyfrig joined as Engineering Director and now leads the Engineering team and developments with over 25 years of experience behind him. Dyf studied at The University of Southampton where he was awarded a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering.

James Burke

James Burke

Vice President of Operations

Having studied at the London Business School, James joined Chelton in 2009 and has proceeded to take on a great variety of roles across several parts of the business managing Manufacturing and Suppliers. Having worked as Manufacturing Manager and Value Stream Director, James now heads up Chelton’s operational division as Vice President of Operations.

Declan Waters

Declan Waters

Vice President of Finance

Declan joined Chelton in September 2021 as Senior Finance Business Partner and has been working with the finance team and the BU Managers since then. Declan is a qualified (CIMA) accountant and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously worked for Gemini Rail as Finance Manager. Prior to that he spent 15 years working for Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems where he held a number of positions within the finance team.

Luca Pelazzo

Luca Pelazzo

Business Unit Manager, Antennas

Luca joined Chelton in 2012, and has worked in a number of positions across the company including project management, product management and most recently in Sales for Leonardo, Italy, Spain, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Luca has a BSc in Chemistry from Imperial College London and an MBA from Imperial College Business School.

Daniel Goodliffe

Daniel Goodliffe

Business Unit Manager, Land

Daniel joined Chelton in 2005 and has progressed to undertake a wide range of roles across various parts of the business. Daniel has held roles in Project and Programme Management, Operations, Contracts & Commercial, Inside Sales and most recently as Product Manager for our portfolio of Land product lines. Daniel has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

David Collins

David Collins

Business Unit Manager, Avionics

David joined Chelton as the Programme Director for the Emergency Services Mobile Communication Programme contracted by the UK Home Office. Prior to this, David has over a decade of experience in successfully delivering major system engineering programmes into the Ministry of Defence as well as international aerospace customers. David has a Master’s degree in Metallurgy and Material Engineering and is a member of the Association of Project Management, Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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All you need to know and more about Chelton

What does Chelton actually do?

In a nutshell, Chelton is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative antennas and avionic systems for fixed wing and rotary wing platforms. In addition, our Land business unit also offers a variety of Explosive Ordnance Detector solutions, Vehicle Intercom Systems and Ground and Vehicle antennas.

How many people does Chelton employ?

Chelton employees approximately 430 employees across our three UK sites and Sales offices in the US, India and Korea.

How long has Chelton been in the business?

Chelton has been securing success in demanding environments since 1947. You can find out more about our rich history in our blog post 'More than the Antenna Company'

What are your main business areas?

Chelton offer products and solutions for platforms at sea, on land and in the air.


Our business is split into three business units for Antennas, Avionics and Land. Each is lead by our Business Unit Managers whom you can find out more about in 'About Us'.

Where can I find more information about your products?

For details and technical information of our portfolio, please visit 'Our Capabilities' page.

How can I apply for a job at Chelton?

Chelton offers a range of career opportunities from apprenticeships to entry levels jobs and for seasoned professionals.

For more information on our current vacancies, please visit our Careers page.

How many platforms is Chelton certified on?

Chelton are proud to be certified on over 120 core platforms from militaries and public agencies across the world.

What does the wave in your logo represent?

The wave depicted in the Chelton logo demonstrates our future journey which is influenced and has familiarity with the past. The organic movement of the waves is a powerful reminder of the constant flow and advances in our technology and service, whilst retaining a strong link with our RF heritage.

Where can I keep up to date with Chelton's developments?

Visit our Latest Thinking blog for regular posts, articles and thought leadership pieces.

Alternatively you can follow us on our social media platforms.

How can I request more information or a quote for antennas, avionics or land equipment?

It couldn't be easier! Submit a contact form with your details and information of whether your request is for a retrofit or new installation and our team will get you in touch with our Sales Managers.

How do I know which antenna I need?

We've got a nifty feature to help you there!

Navigate to Antenna Finder where you can input what platform you require an antenna for and which frequency. This will then give you a shortlist you can then request a quote for.

What is your returns policy?

We pride ourselves on our low mean time between failure rates - our products truly do last the test of time! That same ethos is applied to our service, repair and maintenance processed with our engineers investing a lot of time, effort and skill into repairs. To us, it's just as important as new products.

To make use of our repair service, customers can manage this through Chelton's Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) portal.