Chelton is proud to have been selected by Kringle Air to upgrade the XM5 Sleigh with a specialist antenna and avionic suite to ensure successful deliveries of presents around the world.

With aviation technology developing at a rapid pace and the airspace becoming more digital, Kringle Air is beginning to fall behind with its aging sleigh equipment. Making it harder and harder to deliver presents to all on the nice list and avoid being tracked and jammed by those on the naughty list.

The next-generation XM5 sleigh is packed with the latest and greatest Chelton technology.

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Anti-Jam GPS

GPS can be infiltrated and jammed by those on the naughty list determined to stop Santa in his tracks and ruin Christmas for many. Fear not Chelton has also provide a sophisticated Anti-Jam Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna along with a Digital Antenna Control Unit capable of evading Scrooges and Grinches by utilising nulling and beamforming.

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Identification Naughty or Nice (INN)

A new addition to Santa’s sleigh and to Chelton’s portfolio, is the new and improved identification antenna; INN or Identification Naughty or Nice. A simple modification to our conformal IFF antenna enabled Chelton to feed the information from Santa’s list into the new INN antenna for the transponder to easily identify the Naughty and Nice houses on Santa’s route.

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Spending an entire 24-hours in the skies on deliveries makes it inevitable that the sleigh will come across other aircraft. Luckily, this is bread and butter for Chelton. Having kept Concorde flying in the late 90s and enabled numerous commercial and private jets to fly safely across the world; now it will do the same for Santa’s sleigh.

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Static Dischargers

To reduce the issue of noise in sleigh communications from the electrostatic charges built up on the surface during flight, and to maximise Santa’s ability to hear the Christmas cheer, Chelton added its renowned static dischargers to the design. Located on the back of the sleigh rails, the static dischargers also serve as a lightning protector, a critical feature when you carry your own ‘Donner und Blitzen'.

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Conformal Antennas

To ensure that antennas fit and look seamless on the sleigh, Chelton produced a suite of conformal antennas. These non-protruding and non-invasive antennas significantly reduce drag ensuring the sleigh can easily fly at hypersonic speeds. The conformal suite will also make the sleigh even stealthier thanks to the reduced radar cross-sectional area which allows it to remain hidden from radar when the Scooges, Grinches and those on the Naughty list are hell-bent on stopping Santa and ruining Christmas.

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Mission Critical Communications

Chelton’s Aircraft Communication System (ACS) provides Mission Critical Push-To-Talk voice and data interoperability with the North Pole through a 4G LTE infrastructure enabling clear communications on the most important day of the year for Kringle Air. The accompanying radio control display unit features a touch screen controller with an intuitive user experience. Thanks to an anti-reflective coating, glare from moonlight can be minimised and thanks to the resistive touch screen, Santa can use the touch screen even with his gloves!

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Ruldolf’s Direction Finder

And finally, not forgetting an additional upgrade Chelton threw in to complete the sleigh’s upgrade by upgrading Rudolph’s flashing red nose with a Direction Finding antenna. While his traditional luminous red nose guides the sleigh every Christmas Eve, it wasn’t up to the latest COSPAS SARSAT standards or able to track humans on the nice list in order to be able to deliver presents into houses without being seen. However, with a simple modification of Chelton’s Direction Finding antenna ability to track wildlife, the ability to track humans was possible.

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Future Upgrades

The relationship between Kringle Air and Chelton doesn't stop there. We are already planning future upgrades but this time, to Elf HQ back on the ground at the North Pole.

Future Upgrades

Vehicle Intercom System

The U.S Army is already looking to purchase a purpose-built cold weather tracked vehicle that will run in deep snow at the most extreme temperatures. But little did they know that Elf HQ have placed an order for a miniaturised version at 1/10th the size. With this armoured vehicle, the Elves will continue to be able to travel around the North Pole without being pelted by snowballs thrown by those on the naughty list intent on ruining Christmas.

With such a robust vehicle, only the toughest Vehicle Intercom Systems will do. Chelton has provided more than 150,000 VIS systems around the world and are pleased to add the Light Variant Vehicle Intercom with Tactical Gateway Interface (TGI) to the Kringle Ground fleet in 2022. This will not only enable Elves driving to be able to communicate with each other, but would also allow them to speak with Elves outside the vehicle.

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Air Traffic Control

Elf HQ already benefits from Chelton's RDS1600; an Advanced Radar Display System with innovative user features providing the essential tools for Air Traffic Christmas Elves as well as offering advanced capabilities to enhance efficiency and safety. But with the increase in wind farms across the world, it can cause 'clutter interference' with radar leading to temporary losing the sleigh, failure to locate it or even misidentification of other aircraft.

Chelton's RDSTrack, a Windfarm Mitigation Combiner is currently in the implementation phase at Elf HQ ahead of full installation in 2022. It continuously monitors all feeds to produce a single, clean radar data source without costly radar or display modification. Already UK CAA Approved, Chelton will be pleased to add Kringle CAA (Christmas Aviation Authority) approval in the coming months.

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"Chelton is proud to be selected by Kringle Air to improve and upgrade their delivery platform for one of their busiest days of the year. The requirements we had to work and use to integrate and retrofit our products into the sleigh will go a long way into ensuring mission success for many Christmas Eves to come and is a testament to our pioneering, smart-thinking and failsafe products."

Jason Abbott, President

Happy Christmas!

If you’re looking to upgrade your public safety infrastructure to operate with 4G LTE, or you’re wanting a bespoke conformal antenna suite for your stealth fighter jet, share your requirements with Chelton and we can make sure your mission succeeds with our portfolio of antennas, avionics and land equipment.

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