Marlow, UK: Chelton are pleased to have been able to facilitate communication between polar pen pals - Mr P. Bear and Pingu the Penguin.

You may recall a famous commercial in the early noughties across the US where a polar bear gatecrashed a penguin party. But the two became unlikely friends and although geography got in the way when the penguins moved back to the Antarctic, the two polar pals remained friends.

Despite not being being in the same part of the world, these two friends have only ever been able to communicate via letters which can take a while as Postal Collections at each of the poles is few and far between. Because of their remote locations, communication via satellite struggles to go 'Beyond the Line of Sight' so simply p-p-picking up the phone wasn't possible.

But not anymore! With the help of Chelton's UHF MUOS compatible antennas, for the first time P. Bear and Pingu have been able to speak to each other over the phone and even video call one another!

Polar Bear + Phone (1)
Penguin + Phone (1)
UHF SATCOM MUOS Infographic Square


Built around a commercial 3G cellular technology, MUOS compatible antennas enable voice, video and data transmission over a high-speed IP based network to enable Beyond Line of Sight Communications. It is also less susceptible to blockages and signal weaknesses by difficult terrains, foliage and other obstructions as different satellites can be used as needed.

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