RH150-13 TETRA Remote Control Head

TETRA Remote Control Head (1)

About the product

The RH150-13 TETRA Remote Control Head is a Control and Display Unit (CDU) that is designed to provide a remote second facility to the main CDU (CH150-14 or CH250-13) for controlling a Chelton airborne TETRA radio sub-system. The unit can be mounted in a console or otherwise away from the main CDU. The maximum wiring loom length between the main and remote CDUs must not exceed 10 metres.

  • DZUS Mounting
  • NVIS Compatible
  • Large Display Screen with Automatic Dimming
  • Keypad Suitable for the Gloved User

Main functions of the RH150-13 TETRA Remote Control Head

  • Repeats the digital video of the main CDU
  • Monitors the front panel keyboard for key presses
  • Communicates key presses to the main CDU
  • Provides automatic display brightness adjustment independently of the main CDU

The design of the MMI, display and controls benefits from Chelton's extensive experience of fielding TETRA radios for airborne use, which, because of the unique nature of TETRA networks, is significantly more challenging than operating standard tactical radios.

COB I02 Eurocopter 135 Police HR
DAA Using Chelton TETRA 3

The Display

The unit’s display screen has a viewable area of approximately 272 pixels x 204 pixels (48 mm x 67 mm).

The RH150-13 is Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compliant and may be integrated into NVIS Green B Class A and B cockpits. Light emitted from the displays is LED white. Maximum NVIS radiance is within the MIL-STD-3009 published limits for ‘multi-colour’ electro-optical displays.

For night operation, the keys are backlit with LEDs, the intensity of which is controlled by the aircraft’s bus rail. The key backlighting complies with NVIS Green A.


  • Electrical Specs
  • Mechanical Specs
  • Standard Specs

Electrical Specs

Operating Voltage
28 V dc nominal (16 to 32 V)
Input Current
700 mA (max)
Power Consumption
Multi-pin Type MS3114E-16-26P, Male 4-pin Type EGG.00.304.CLL, Female

Mechanical Specs

Dimensions (mm)
77 x 147 x 125
Weight (kg)
Display Active Area
272 pixels x 204 pixels (48 mm x 67 mm)

Standard Specs

Operational Temp
-40°C to +55°C
EUROCAE ED-14E/RTCA DO-160E, Section 8
NVIS Compatibility
14043 (2)

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