Radar Data Simulation and Analysis

Radar Simulation

Radar Data Simulation and Analysis

Use our experience to assist with your ATM projects. Developing and rigorously testing our own ATM products has given us a wealth of experience in system and interface proving.

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Simulators
  • Fused Simulations

Data Analysis

We have custom built radar record and playback software, which allows us to carefully analyse raw radar data to troubleshoot customers with complex radar issues. 

Plot Extraction
Wind Turbine ATC

Data Simulators

We have developed our own processed radar data simulator that enables us to not only generate scenarios with multiple aircraft, but also introduce data anomalies to test system performance and characteristics.

Fused Simulations

As well as providing fully simulated data scenarios, we also provide tools to fuse this together with recorded or even live data streams. This enables us to create scenarios such as safety net infringements with real data to aid with testing or training.

Radar Format Conversion