RDS1600 - Advanced Radar Display System

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RDS1600 - Advanced Radar Display System

Advanced Radar Display, Safety Net Processing, Map Distribution and Flight Data Planning System. Packed with innovative user features, the Chelton RDS1600 radar display not only provides the essential tools to controllers, but also offers advanced capabilities to enhance efficiency and safety. Fully Mode-S display capable and the ability to display a vast range of processed radar formats, including primary radar video.

  • Safety Net Processing
  • Map Distribution
  • Flight Data Planning

Safety Net Processing

The RDS1600 Safety Net Server brings Air Traffic safety to a new level, providing controllers with:

  • STCA – Short Term Conflict Alerts

  • MSAW – Minimum Safe Altitude Warnings

  • APW – Area Proximity Warnings

  • APM – Approach Path Monitoring




Plt Extraction

Map Distribution

RDS1600 introduces the Mapping Server. A library of all system map overlays, dynamic overlays and safety net overlays in one place. It enables vital aeronautical information updates to be interpreted from sources such as AIRAC and then distributed to all RDS1600 display positions remotely.

Flight Data Planning

Connecting RDS1600 to an AFTN/AMHS source brings Flight Data Planning to life, giving controllers the ability to confidently manage Inbound, Outbound, Local and On-Route traffic.


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