RDSNet - Air Traffic Defence Network

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RDSNet - Air Traffic Defence Network

Providing network infrastructure and display of national radar sources to Homeland Defence Control Centres. RDSNet is designed solely for the Defence Sector. It provides innovative infrastructure to bridge the gap between remote radar sources and command room facilities.

  • Security
  • National Coverage
  • Friend or Foe


No matter where your radar source is located, RDSNet provides a secure link to your control facility. Using military-grade network security architecture and Chelton's proprietary data formatting, RDSNet ensures your radar data remains secure from end-to-end. Perfect to support QRA national radar activities. 

National Coverage

National Coverage

RDSNet provides low-latency live national coverage of your radar sources to your command room facility, where they are all displayed and combined using RDSNet display technology.

Friend or Foe

The RDSNet display system gives controllers the functionality and familiarity of our RDS1600 air traffic display system whilst also introducing target allocation. Define which targets are Foes to aid focus and increase clarity in pressured control situations.