Tripods can be used for several applications instead of small masts. Lightweight tripods are designed for 2-5 kg top loads and heavy duty tripods for a maximum 50 kg top loads.

Tripods are made of glass fiber composite material. Tripod legs are telescopic and sections are pushed out and locked in place with mechanical latches. For windy conditions, the heavy duty tripods can also be guyed.

Mast Tripods Datasheet3
Mast Tripods Datasheet2

Tripods are quick to deploy and they provide excellent pointing accuracy for heavy narrow beam antennas. Tripods can also handle inertial loads. Tripods are applicable, for example, for mountain top link applications as well as deploying a communication system on rooftops in urban areas. Tripods are excellent for temporary communication networks in rescue, police and fire fighting as well as temporary lighting applications.

Mast Tripods

Tripod TM58 Tripod Mast TM58 TM86 Tripod Mast EX105
Extended Height (m) 3.5 6 3.5 6
Transportation Length (m) 1.2 1.8 1.4 2.2
Vertical top load (kg) 10 10 10 30
Wind area CxA (m²) 0.1 0.1 0.3 0.3
Operational wind speed (m/s) 20 20 20 20
Mast weight (kg) 14 10 17 34
Accessories weight (kg) 3 3 10 19