Telescopic lifting poles are mechanical winch and belt-operated access poles designed to be used both at land and sea.

Carbon composite poles are available for heights up to 15 meters. All components withstand immersion and salt water and are designed to survive rough handling.

TLP Datasheet (3)
TLP Datasheet (2)

Telescopic lifting poles are designed for covert access on ships or buildings. Poles can be used to securely attach a ladder to a structure in order to gain rapid and covert access or to gain visibility to restricted locations through windows or over fences and roofs via a camera mounted on the pole.

Telescopic Lifting Poles

TLP61-10m TLP61-15m
Extended Height (m) 10 15
Transportation Length (m) 2.75 4
Vertical top load (kg) 3 3
Pole weight (kg) 9.5 12.5