Vehicle Intercom Systems

Vehicle Intercom systems (VIS) - tough and tested with over 150,000 systems in service around the world. The no.1 choice of in military vehicle intercom systems.

We have developed a modular approach to Vehicle Intercom Systems that provides customers with a complete capability across a wide spectrum of platform types and functions, ranging from light vehicles to heavy armour and command centres, enabling safe, secure, fast and reliable voice and data communications.

Vehicle Intercom Systems
TacG2 VIS Military Vehicle Intercom System - Proper Tough

Proper tough - In Vehicle Intercom Systems

Our Vehicle Intercom Systems (VIS) are built to full military specifications and with a high level of battle damage resilience

Not only are they tough, but they are reliable, easy to use even with gloves on, and backwards compatible. We have VIS options with IP-based connectivity using VoIP, Selective Calling and more! 

We also know some of our customers prefer none-VoIP based solutions such as our bullet proof ROVIS and LV2.

New! - Tactical Gateway Interface

Chelton has recently launched a new product to provide VoIP functionality and much more to its Vehicle Intercom Systems. 

The Tactical Gateway Interface (TGI) is compatible with our popular range of Vehicle Intercom Systems, including TacG2 (AN/VIC-5), ROVIS (AN/VIC-3) and the Light Vehicle Variant (LV2). The TGI extends connectivity outside of the vehicle allowing for communication through terminal, switch and routing.


The Chelton Tactical Gateway Interface (TGI) is a robust IP communication device designed for tactical networks. The device can be used for several purposes, such as SIP phone, router, and SHDSL modem, which makes it highly versatile for various field/tactical communication needs. The TGI simply interfaces directly with Chelton intercom systems via the radio port, opening up a variety of potential connectivity solutions using modern IP connectivity, or field wire operation.

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06 Apr 2021

Tougher than the rest

Is your Vehicle Intercom System tough enough? From light vehicles to heavy armour and command centres, Chelton enables safe, secure, fast and reliable voice and data communications.
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06 Apr 2021

Love & Care in Repairs

Chelton engineers invest a lot of time, effort, skill and care into repairs and maintenance. To us, it's just as important as our new products.