Ground Penetrating Radar

Chelton has leading-edge expertise in developing advanced Explosive Ordnance Detection Systems (EOD Systems) using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to support Counter-IED and mine clearance operations

These high-performance systems are designed for the most demanding requirements, and include both hand-held (dismounted) and vehicle-based (mounted and stand-off) EODS GPR detection products, as well as innovative EODS virtual-reality (VR) training support systems.

Cts Halotrust Trials Minehound
AMULET Sensor Rig On Military Landrover 'SNATCH' Vehicle Large

Dismounted, vehicle mounted - even robot mounted

Chelton's high-performance GPR detection systems are modular and scalable for simple integration onto a range of tactical robots and vehicle platforms

These mission systems, as well as the advanced Chelton GPR incorporated within the Vallon MINEHOUND hand-held detector provide enhanced capabilities for the detection of metallic, minimum-metal and non-metallic threats.

Chelton's innovative virtual-reality (VR) system supports the training of leading-edge GPR-based detection technologies. The system brings a new level of flexibility and cost efficiency to traditional training techniques.