16 May 2022

Air Traffic Management in the 21st Century

How Chelton’s Air Traffic Management portfolio is helping to decompress the highly pressured world of Air Traffic Control.
27 Apr 2022

Chelton @ ION JNC 2022

Chelton are pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at this year’s Joint Navigation Conference in San Diego. Book a meeting with us at booth 311 to discuss your PNT needs!
01 Apr 2022

Chelton reunites Polar Pen Pals!

Chelton reunites polar pen pals thanks to UHF MUOS SATCOM who met at the Coca Cola Arctic Beach Party 20 years ago!
10 Mar 2022

Chelton sponsors Team Soton

Chelton sponsors and mentors engineering students from the University of Southampton to represent the UK in the American Astronautical Society “CanSat” Competition sponsored by NASA.
06 Mar 2022

75 years of Chelton

Chelton achieves a milestone in the aerospace and defence industry only a select few get to accomplish.
23 Feb 2022

Chelton features in Rotorhub

Our Business Unit Manager for Antennas, Luca, sat down with Rotorhub to discuss the successes Chelton have had in the antennas and avionics market.
23 Feb 2022

Chelton features in Land Warfare Magazine: "Path of Least Resistance"

Interview in Land Warfare Magazine with our Chief Engineer, Dr. Neil Tisdale,  on the future of EOD search from handheld detection to stand off systems.
20 Jan 2022

VR1 Wirehound in action

VR1 Wirehound Training for IED and Mine Clearance Operations. A case study with Artios Global, a well-known British company, delivers counter explosive ordnance training and capacity development projects to governments, international institutions, NGOs and commercial companies in some of the world’s most challenging areas.
17 Jan 2022

How your aircraft can benefit from Tuneable Antennas

Download our whitepaper to find out why your aircraft can benefit from a tuneable system and why it is the superior choice for the VHF band.
14 Dec 2021

Chelton ensures mission success for Santa’s Sleigh

Chelton ensures mission success for Santa’s Sleigh with a suite of sophisticated antennas and avionics.