06 Apr 2021

Love & Care in Repairs

Chelton engineers invest a lot of time, effort, skill and care into repairs and maintenance. To us, it's just as important as our new products.
04 Apr 2021

The People behind the Products

Chelton's A-Team - the people behind the products.
04 Apr 2021

The Pioneering Spirit of Chelton

How a thread of pioneering runs through the core of Chelton.
04 Apr 2021

Securing Success in Demanding Environments

From the searing heat of the desert to the depths of the oceans: how does Chelton secure success in the most demanding of environments?
26 Mar 2021

More than just ‘The Antenna Company’

In days gone by, Chelton wanted to be known as ‘The Antenna Company’ of the 21st century. Today, we are so much more. Our portfolio ranges from Antenna Systems and Radio to Anti-Jam GPS and Electronic Warfare Systems and we're proud to be on your team.
25 Mar 2021

We Poka-yoke because failure is not an option

An interview with Chelton's Head of Manufacturing and Engineering Operations to take apart what it really means to be ‘failsafe’ and how our processes ensure only the highest quality products are sent to our customers.
21 Mar 2021

Chelton selected by Boeing for next-generation MUOS SATCOM Antenna

Chelton is proud to have been selected by Boeing to develop and deliver the next-generation Ultra High Frequency SATCOM Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) conformal antennas. The equipment upgrade will be for approximately 319 aircraft with testing due to begin in the fall of 2021.
07 Mar 2021

Ask the Experts

Unravelling MUOS. Q&A with our subject matter expert, Valentina Peci, to find out more about MUOS and how we are supporting this capability.
07 Mar 2021

Survival in the Digital Battlefield

How Chelton's custom antenna development can help secure success in the digital battlefield.
05 Mar 2021

Have you got the Q factor?

Tuneable antennas: what they are and how your aircraft could benefit from one