TETRA Airborne Transceiver with SIM Card Facility

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TETRA Airborne Transceiver with SIM Card Facility

Chelton is the world's leading supplier of Avionic-standard TETRA systems, with 20 years experience in fielding TETRA in aircraft. Chelton equipment is specifically designed for airborne use, with menu structures and keyboard/display layouts suited to airborne operations. These operations are usually conducted by users wearing gloves and in the noisy, high vibration helicopter environment. Our airborne TETRA products provide configuration options to meet users' needs, including single or dual-transceivers which can be controlled by either single or dual Control and Display Units (CDUs). All transceivers are NVG compatible and can operate in TETRA's Gateway and Repeater modes.

  • Flexibility - including Trunked and Direct Mode Operations (TMO/DMO)
  • Voice/Data and Text Messaging
  • Secure


  • Electrical Specs
  • Mechanical Specs
  • Standard Specs

Electrical Specs

380-430 MHz
Channel Spacing
25 kHz
Receive power
6 W typical
Typical transmit power
20 W
Max transmit power
70 W

Mechanical Specs

Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)

Standard Specs

Operational Temperature
-30°C to +70°C
25000 feet
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Compare TETRA Transceivers

With sim card No sim card
7-450-15 7-450-14
Frequency 380-430 MHz 380-430 MHz
Dimensions (mm) 192x58x366 192x58x366
Core Radio SRG 3500 SRG 3500
Sim card capability = Yes No
Suitable for none sim uses Yes Yes

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